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Decision Support System for A Combat Aircraft
This knowledge based system uses Multi-Sensor/Source Information Fusion techniques to combine the enormous amount of battlefield data received by a combat aircraft pilot from on-board/off-board sensors and from ground through data links. It helps him in automatic target recognition, threat detection, battlefield situation awareness, knowledge of enemy intent and mission prioritization.

Tools/Techniques: VC ++; Probabilistic Data Association, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Neural Network Products, Kalman Filtering, Multiple Hypothesis Tracking.
Client: Ministry of Defence

Target Signature Modeling
Mathematical modelling and simulation leading to generation of thermal profiles of airborne targets detected by the infra-red sensor of a combat aircraft. The 3-D thermal profile of the targets are created in dynamic scenarios with different background options.

Client: Ministry of Defence
Implementation: A Combat Aircraft Simulator

Modeling and Simulation of Laser Warning System
A 3-D Air Combat Scenario Simulation depicting the Laser Warning System functionalities and also providing for the analysis of its effectiveness in all possible configurations. It also classifies the possible source of the laser threats using pattern recognition techniques.

Client: Ministry of Defence
Implementation: System Evaluation and Positioning on a Combat Aircraft platform

Instant Message System
Instant Messaging Client supporting the Jabber Instant Messaging Protocol Standards. Also customized the Jabber Instant Messaging Server to the customer requirements.

Tools / Platform: Red Hat Linux 2.1, Windows NT & 9XXML , FLEX & GYACC
Client: Confidential

Hand Held Device for a Bank Application
Based Hand Held Device for a Banking Application. Designed and Implemented a Micro Controller

Tools Used: ATMEL 89C52 Micro Controller and Development Kit
Client: Confidential

Transceiver Design
Developed a prototype implementing a sophisticated transceiver on TMS320C54X.

Tools: TMS320C5402 DSKCCS 1.2, DSP/BIOS II, RTDX
Client: Confidential

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